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Rodgers Organs of New England is a hard-working team of digital organ experts specializing in the selection, restoration, customization and installation of Rodgers Classic Organs. These fine instruments are offered for sale for use either in Marshall & Ogletree Revelation™ Systems or as stand-alone Rodgers Classic Organs.

Doug Marshall and David Ogletree have 83 years of combined experience in the Rodgers organ business, giving us a vast network of people and organizations to source our Rodgers instruments from. We purchase only the finest instruments from what we think of as the Golden Era (1991 to 2011). Our team then meticulously restores them to LIKE-NEW physical and electrical condition, and they are offered for sale in our Needham, MA showroom and online. With over 1,200 Rodgers Classic installations completed, you can trust Marshall Ogletree Associates to deliver everything that we promise, and then some.

For those seeking traditional Rodgers Classic Organ installations, we offer our restored consoles with authentic Rodgers audio equipment, restored with the same level of care and skill as our consoles are. We can arrange delivery anywhere within the continental US, and perform the installation ourselves if within a 4-hour radius of Boston, MA. We consult with local installers in more distant locations to be sure the installation is done properly.

For those looking for the ultimate in organ sound, we offer our restored consoles as controllers for Marshall & Ogletree Revelation™ Systems. Revelation™ systems use exactly the same tone generation found in our legendary M&O Opus organs, heralded worldwide as the finest pipeless organs available regardless of price.

When purchased along with an M&O Revelation™ system, a Rodgers console may also be customized to more closely meet the needs and interests of each client. We can redesign the organ’s specifications, changing engraved controls and functionality as required. All Revelation™ system installations are made by the M&O factory.