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Rodgers 18-Rank Pipe Division

18 ranks

Rodgers solid mahogany windchests. Gorgeous, shiny pipework made for Rodgers by Stinkens of Holland and Laukhuff of Germany. Low-wind-pressure, open-toe voicing, crystal-clear, sweet articulate sound. 2 high-capacity blowers with built-in schwimmer-style regulators. Rodgers LTG pipe system pre-wired for easy installation. Compatible with nearly any Rodgers organ built since 1980.

At more than 20’ wide and featuring 918 pipes, this is a large, impressive, and heavily-optioned Rodgers pipe package, also featured in one of Rodgers most presitigous installations in Caceras, Spain. One of only 15 ever made, perhaps one of only two made with all of these options.

8’ Principal 61 pipes (polished Zinc basses)
4’ Octave 61 pipes
2’ Super Octave, 61 pipes (tin)
Mixture IV-V, 281 pipes (tin)

8’ Spitzflöte, 85 pipes (polished zinc basses)
4’ Prinzipal, 61 pipes
4’ Metalgedeckt, 68 pipes
2’ Oktav, 12 pipes, extension
2’ Waldflöte, 24 pipes, extension
1’ Sifflet, 12 pipes, extension
2-2/3’ Sesquialtera II, 64 pipes (tin)
Scharff III-IV, 84 pipes (tin)

8’ Octave, 32 pipes (polished zinc basses)
4’ Choral Bass, 12 pipes, extension